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Get up to 40% more coins for the same amount of money. Pay a fair price only for the items you want, instead of buying expensive coin packages.

What we are offering here is a cheap and comprehensive price for the coins you get in game, and the possibility to only pay for the items you want. Stop paying more when you can pay less.

Ethan HayesLeague Skins Administrator

We sell tons of skins

Up to 40% cheaper

A lot of champions

20-30% cheaper


Chest, Keys, Orbs…

And much more…

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Making your order

Buy everything you want. For example, if you need High Noon Lucian just select a 1820RP SKIN and tell us that you want that one. You can do that in the checkout process. Pay with PayPal, even if you dont have a PayPal account.

Processing your order

If it is your first time using our service, we will need to send you a friend request that has to be accepted and wait 24 hours for the gift function to be unlocked. If you already bought, fast delivery will be available.

Receiving your order

Your order will be automatically sent as soon as possible. You will receive it as a gift. REMEMBER: We will need 24 hours to deliver your order if you are a new buyer, and 45 minutes if you already bought in the past.

And this is what you get

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Lifetime Warranty

If your item disappears, we will replace it within 48 hours. No questions. Promise.

Fast delivery

From your second purchase, you will receive your order in less than 45 minutes.

PayPal secure payments

You can pay with PayPal. You don’t have PayPal? It’s ok, you just need a debit/credit card.

Money saver

Save up to 40% in one item. In 2 items. Now in 3 items. Maybe 4? Well, just save a loooot…

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